Gangi and Sperlinga are two villages located right where Palermo and Enna provinces meet one another. Both places have been declared amongst the most beautiful in Italy more than once, and it is right here in the very geographical center of Trinacria (Sicily) that the Dongarrá family olive grove thrive in prosperity surrounded by the cicada chirps, the sound of the mules’ heavy steps, the continuous singing of wheat pickers echoing in the Marrocco and Comunello contradas. 

This is the taste of ancient Sicily and it’s easy to grasp a nostalgic sense of remote traditions lost in time and the ethos of the local rural communities, built on hard work, sweat and a sense of sacrifice which were the foundation of the farmers archaic lifestyle. In a certain way these traditions are still alive through the energy and the mosaic of scents and tastes of the fire hearth that Sicily is. 

Ruperossa is a company founded under the burning summer sun of the Palermo province. In this land between the Madonie and the Nebrodi we can just admire the unique print of nature: the meticulous work of bees contributing to the blooming of the drupe from bud to olive.